Gift Cards

It is hard to buy gifts for some people. They already seem to have everything. An easy gift to get someone is a gift card. You can buy gift cards that can be used at many restaurants, stores, or service providers.

A gift cards looks like a credit card. But a gift card does not work the same way. A gift card is paid for before it is used, not after. If you use a gift card to pay for something, you won't owe any money.

Gift cards used to be made of paper. Then they were called gift certificates. Today, that has changed. A gift card is the same size and shape as a credit card. They are swiped at cash registers just like credit cards. Many gift cards can be reloaded. You can pay to have more money put on them. Then they can be used over and over again.

Because gift cards only have a certain amount of money on them, you can only use them to pay for a certain amount. If you go over that amount, you will have to pay for the rest of the purchase with cash or a credit card.

It is important not to lose a gift card. If you do, it is like losing money. A person using a gift card does not need to prove that it belongs to him. Anyone who finds a gift card, even if it isn't theirs, will be able to use it.

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