Going Batty

"Dad! Dad! You need to come and see what we found," shouted Tamsyn.

"What is it?" asked Dad as he put down his newspaper and got out of his chair.

"Alex caught a flying mouse!" Tamsyn hopped from foot to foot as she waited for her dad to come with her.

The tiny animal sat atop Alex's gloved hand. Alex turned his hand one way and then another trying to get the best possible look at it. Tamsyn dragged their father closer to get a good look.

"Is it a bat, Dad?" asked Alex.

Dad nodded. "It's a little brown bat. It has fur like a mouse, doesn't it?"

"What do we do with it?' asked Alex.

"Well, we don't want to kill it," said Dad. "Bats are valuable animals."

"Does that mean he's worth a lot of money?" asked Tamsyn.

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