Gorillas are big and strong. Male gorillas are about as tall as a man is. They may weigh even more than a man weighs. Their faces may look mean, but gorillas are very shy and gentle animals. They eat mostly plants. To scare their enemies, they may pound on their chests. They may throw sticks at them. If that doesn't work, the gorilla runs away.

Gorillas live in the forests of Africa. They are the largest of the great ape family. They have dark brown or black hair covering most parts of their bodies. Their heads are very large. Males are often twice as big as females. Gorillas' arms are longer than their legs. They walk on their feet, leaning forward on the knuckles of their hands. Their hands carry most of their body weight.

Gorillas spend their days getting food. They eat leaves, fruits, and seeds. They eat tree bark and roots. Sometimes gorillas eat ants and other insects, too. Each night, each gorilla uses leaves to build its own nest. The nest may be on the ground or in a tree. That is where the gorilla sleeps.

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