Got Bottled Milk?

Got Bottled Milk?

Reading Comprehension for January 11

Milk is on almost every grocery list. There are different kinds of milk. There are different flavors of milk. Cows give milk. Goats give milk. There is rice milk. There is soy milk. It is found in grocery stores. It is found in restaurants.

During the 1800s, milk was delivered to homes. Farmers would deliver milk to their neighbors. Women would wait with pitchers. The farmer would fill up the pitcher. The milk had to be used quickly. They did not have refrigerators. The farmers had to deliver milk every day.

Milk was put in glass bottles. The bottles were cleaner. On January 11, 1878, milk was delivered in glass bottles for the first time. Milkmen delivered the bottles to the homes. Milkmen picked up empty bottles. Milkmen took them to be refilled.

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