Grandpa's Tall Tale

Paul Bunyan Day

Reading Comprehension for June 28

Grandpa Jones sat down under the open-sided wood shed. He rested his ax against the chopping block and watched the rain drip from the metal eaves. He smiled when he saw his grandchildren, Paul and Joni, at the back door of the house. They were putting on their raincoats. Life on the farm could be very quiet. He enjoyed having the children come to visit.

"Hi, Grandpa!" said the two together as they came into the wood shed.

"Grandma is washing clothes. She told us to go outside and play," said Paul. "I don't think she knew it was raining!"

"We wondered if you could tell us a story," added Joni.

"I think I might know a story or two. Have you ever heard of Paul Bunyan?" he asked.

The two children shook their heads.

"Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack in the North woods. He was not just any lumberjack; he was the biggest man there ever was. When he sat down, no chair was big enough. He had to sit on a hill. When he combed his beard, he used a pine tree."

"I'm glad I don't have to comb my hair with a tree!" laughed Paul.

"What is a lumberjack, Grandpa?" asked Joni.

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