Gratitude is often lacking in the world today. People are so busy thinking of themselves and their wants and needs that they forget to appreciate what others have done for them. The opposite of gratitude is thanklessness. Gratitude is a character trait that we should try to cultivate. It's really not that difficult to thank others for their efforts to help you.

In many homes, a parent prepares the evening meal. Perhaps dinner is delivered to the door; either way, an effort is made to feed the family. Do other family members remember to thank those responsible for bringing food to the table? Do they show gratitude for the efforts made on their behalf? Some do, but others forget.

Have you done things for others, only to have them go unnoticed? Continued ungratefulness can lead to discouragement. If you aren't appreciated, you may not feel like continuing to make an effort. If you feel like that, chances are that others feel the same way. A little gratitude can improve moods and relationships.

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