Gumdrop Q & A

Gil Gummi: Good afternoon, children. I am Gil Gummi of the Yummi Gummi Gumdrop Company. I am glad to be here at your school. Since today is Gumdrop Day, I thought you might like to ask some questions about gumdrops.

Lori: What is a gumdrop?

Gil Gummi: What a good question! A gumdrop is a jellied candy coated with sugar.

Dane: Who invented gumdrops?

Gil Gummi: No one really knows. A candy maker probably made the first gumdrops.

Eva: Is Gumdrop Day always on February 15?

Gil Gummi: Yes, it is.

Andi: Where were gumdrops first made?

Gil Gummi: We don't know for sure. Most people think they were first made in Germany, though.

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