House of Logs

Log Cabin Day

Reading Comprehension for June 25

Yesterday, my friend Rochelle had invited me to spend a week at her family's cabin in the mountains of Virginia. I sat cross-legged on my puffy comforter while I pondered what I wanted to do. I prefer the city, so I did some thinking before answering her. I wasn't sure if I'd like to spend a week in a cold, musty, cobwebbed cabin with a bunch of wild animals around me. It didn't sound like much of a vacation, but how would I say no without hurting her feelings?

As if she were reading my mind, Rochelle called.

"Hi, Vicky. Did you make a decision about coming to the cabin with us in July?"

"I, uh, well, I've been thinking about it," I answered.

"What do you think?" she pressed.

"Well, I... uh, to be honest, Rochelle, I'm not sure how much I would enjoy being in the woods for a week."

Rochelle answered, "Oh, Vicky. It's so peaceful and beautiful. I'm sure you would like it."

"Well, I'm a little nervous about being around wild animals and stuff," I continued.

This time Rochelle laughed out loud. "The only wild animal is my dog! She goes crazy up there. Come on. I'm sure you would like it."

It didn't sound as if Rochelle would take "no" for an answer.

"Okay," I said uncertainly.

"Yippee!" Rochelle said. "Be sure to pack long pants and a bathing suit."


Oh, great, I thought. Long pants are probably to protect me from ticks and other creepy crawlies getting on me. But the bathing suit? Where could I possibly swim in the middle of the forest?

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