I'll Have What Sandwich is Having

Sandwich Day

Reading Comprehension for November 3

I love sandwiches. There are so many you can make! My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and banana. I like to use soft white bread. I spread creamy peanut butter on one piece. Then, I cut up half of a banana into thick slices. I lay the slices out on top of the peanut butter. Then, I put the two slices together. Yum!

My mother likes tuna sandwiches. She likes to mix tuna with mayonnaise. She likes to spread that on nine-grain bread and put lettuce on it.

Dad likes tuna, also, but he mixes relish in as well as mayonnaise. If you ask me, I don't think that tastes very good. He also really likes Mom's chicken salad. When we have a roasted chicken for one of our meals, Mom takes the leftover chicken and cuts it into small pieces. She cuts green grapes in half and chops up walnuts. She mixes everything together with some mayonnaise and puts it into pita bread. It is very good.

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