Igneous Rock

Caption: Scoria, a type of igneous rock, forms when lava cools quickly above ground.

There are different types of rocks. One type is igneous rock. This type of rock can form either above or below ground. They are called fire rocks. This is because they form from melted rock. When melted rock is below ground, it is called magma. Igneous rocks can form underground when a pocket of magma cools. When melted rock is above ground, it is called lava. Igneous rock can also form above ground as lava cools after a volcano erupts. Granite is one type of igneous rock. Granite is very hard. It is used for structures that need to last a long time. Monuments can be made of granite. Granite can also be very beautiful and is sometimes used as a decorative feature. Pumice is another igneous rock. It .....

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