Important Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Caption: Picture shows a wall in the tomb of Pharaoh Horemheb, showing the gods Osiris, Anubis, and Horus.

Religion was important in the daily life of Egyptians. They worshiped as many as sixty gods and goddesses! Egyptians pictured their gods and goddesses in different ways. A few of the gods and goddesses were thought to be like ordinary men and women. Some were like animals. Many were thought to be half human and half animal. One god could appear in different forms. In all their forms, there were hundreds of gods and goddesses.

Ra (RAH) was the sun god. It was believed that he created the world. The Egyptians believed that Ra sailed across the sky every day in a golden boat. At sunset, Ra sailed into the underworld, a kingdom under the earth. Each day at sunrise, Ra sailed from the underworld to cross the sky again. In the daytime, Ra had the head of a hawk with a sun disk on top. At night, he had the head of a ram and the body and wings of a vulture.

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