Introduction to Groundhogs

Groundhogs live in North America. They are also called woodchucks. They are large rodents. They belong to the same family as marmots and ground squirrels. They have four large incisor teeth shaped like chisels. Their teeth keep growing all their lives. They can grow about 1/16 of an inch every week! Because of this, groundhogs must spend a lot of time nibbling at trees or roots to wear down their teeth. If they don't do that, their front teeth may grow so long they are unable to get food!

Groundhogs build homes under the ground. Their burrows can be five feet deep and over thirty feet long. To stay dry, they always construct their homes on sloped, grassy areas so that water flows away from them. Their burrows have several rooms. They are linked by tunnels. Each room is for a different job. For example, they have separate toilet rooms so they don't soil their sleeping rooms.

Groundhogs are famous for predicting the coming of spring. On February 2 every year, people gather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to celebrate Groundhog Day. On that day, the renowned weather-predicting groundhog named Phil is put on display. He comes out of his underground home to .....

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