Jake and Jackie Learn about Mailing a Package

"What are you doing, Dad?" Jake had just walked into the garage, where his father was working with a cardboard box and some bubble wrap.

"Mom asked me to get this package ready for your cousin Justine," Dad explained.

"Is she the one who is going to have a baby soon?"

"That's right. Mom cannot go to the baby shower, so she is sending these gifts."

Jackie knocked on the side of the garage. "Hi there!"

"Hi, Jackie, what's up?"

"Nothing much. Just came over to see if you wanted to play catch or something. What are you doing?"

"Dad's getting a package ready for our cousin who is going to have a baby."

"Ooo, how fun!" Jackie skipped over and began to pick up all the cute little items Jake's mom had picked out. "How are you going to fit all this in that box?" she asked.

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