James Goes for a World Record

Donut Day

Reading Comprehension for June 6

"I'm going to break the world record for eating donuts!" James announced at breakfast.

Mom raised her eyebrows. "You are? When and how do you plan to do this?"

James chomped on his cereal. "At school today," said James between bites. "Today is Donut Day. We're having a contest this morning to see who can eat the most donuts. I volunteered for my class."

"O.K., now I understand. What is the world record that you think you can break?" asked Mom as she sat down next to James at the table.

James looked up from his breakfast. "It's held by a man named John Haught. He ate twenty-nine donuts in a little more than six minutes back in 1981."

"Twenty-nine donuts! That's quite a few," said Mom. "Are you sure you can eat that many?"

"No problem," said James, taking another bite of his cereal.

Mom giggled. "Maybe you should limit your breakfast if you're going to eat twenty-nine donuts later this morning.

James swallowed. "Oh, I'm not worried. I'm sure I'll be hungry again by ten o'clock."

"Let's hope so," said Mom, getting up from the table. "You need to hurry; it's almost time to leave." Mom left the kitchen and went to the laundry room.

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