James Howe

What inspires you? Are you inspired by nature? How about by other people? How about silly or scary movies? Do you think that an old vampire movie could inspire someone? Well, it inspired James Howe.

James Howe is a wonderful and creative author. He began writing stories as a young child. When he was ten he used to read the comics in the newspaper. Then he would turn those comics into written plays. He also wrote his own newspaper articles and short stories. Even with all of this great writing, however, Mr. Howe never planned on being an author. When he was really young, he wanted to be a horse jockey. Later he planned on being an actor and a model.

Mr. Howe attended Boston University. He studied theater. He wrote many plays while he was there. Later he moved to New York to follow his acting and modeling dream. While in New York he began working as a literary agent. He also started directing plays.

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