Jan Brett

Jan Brett

Reading Comprehension for December 1

Almost everyone has a favorite picture book from their childhood. It's usually a book that tells a wonderful story and has gorgeous illustrations, or pictures. It is usually a book that is looked at over and over again. Do you recall such a book? Is it one that was written and illustrated by Jan Brett? It would be no surprise if it were!

Jan Brett is a world famous author and illustrator of children's books. Over 37 million of her books are in print today.

Jan Brett was born on December 1, 1949. She grew up in Massachusetts. As a child, she was very quiet and shy. She liked to express herself by drawing. She loved to read and write as well. When she was very young, she decided she wanted to be an illustrator when she grew up.

From 1968 to 1969, Jan went to Colby Junior College. In 1970, she attended the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School. While she was a student there, she spent hours visiting the actual Museum of Fine Arts. She enjoyed viewing all kinds of art forms there.

Jan currently lives in the seacoast town of Norwell, Massachusetts. In the summer, she likes to stay in the Berkshire Hills, also in Massachusetts. She likes to write when she's staying in the mountains.

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