Jim Henson

Jim Henson

Reading Comprehension for September 24

Big Bird once was on the cover of Time magazine. He is eight feet tall and covered with yellow feathers. He has a few feathers that wave above the top of his head. His legs are orange, ringed in pink. He is six years old. Big Bird is artistic. He is also good at figuring things out, and he always wants to learn.

Cookie Monster has shaggy blue fur. His eyes spin around. His voice is deep and gravelly. He is big in size but talks like a toddler. He says, "Me want cookie!" His most famous song is "C is for Cookie." When he eats cookies, he doesn't only eat the cookies; he eats the plate too!

Bert and Ernie are roommates and best buddies. They are as different as night and day. Ernie wears horizontal red and blue stripes. He is happy-go-lucky. He loves to play and sing. His most famous song is "Rubber Duckie." Bert wears a vertically striped shirt over a turtleneck. He is more serious than Ernie. Bert can even be a little grouchy. He likes his home to be neat, and sometimes he gets after Ernie to clean up. He loves to read the newspaper. He also enjoys working on his paperclip and bottle cap collections.

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