Jubilee Celebration

"Seth, wake up! Wake up! Today is the day!" Jeb exclaimed as he jumped on Seth's bed.

"What day?" asked Seth as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. "Leave me alone. I am not ready to get up."

"Today is the Fourth of July, and more importantly, it is the day for the Jubilee of Freedom Celebration," said Jeb. "Besides, we need to get our chores done early today so we can go to the parade and celebration. You might even get a chance to dance with Charlotte."

Jeb loved to rib Seth when it came to girls. His older brother was shy and didn't talk to girls very much, but Jeb knew Seth had his eye on Charlotte. She was, after all, the prettiest girl in town, and this was such a special day.

It was the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of America. Everyone in town was going to celebrate. It had become a tradition to close the shops in town and have a big parade right up the main street. This year was going to be even better than any other year. This year there was going to be a big party right in the middle of the town square. Even the younger children would be allowed to stay up and celebrate.

"So are you going to get up? Look, I already collected the eggs," said Jeb. "You need to milk the cow and tend to the horses. Pa has already gone out to the field. He wanted to get some work done before we go into town for the parade. Ma has started making her famous apple pies - so are you getting up?"

"Yes, I will; I just need a minute," said Seth.

Actually, Seth had been looking forward to the big celebration just as much as anyone else in town, but now that it was here, he wasn't so sure. Maybe if he just stayed here in bed, he wouldn't have to come up with a way to ask Charlotte to dance with him.

It didn't take that long to take care of the chores - once Seth actually got around to it. Pa came in from the field just about the time Seth finished up.

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