Junior Rangers to the Rescue, Part 1

Frank sat in the saddle on his black gelding named Blaze. He patted the horse's neck and straightened his mane while he listened to directions being given by Ranger Cunningham. Blaze's ears were pricked forward as if he were listening more closely than Frank was.

Gary Forest was on Frank's left, sitting on his pinto, Jasper. The horse's black and white spots made him stand out in a crowd. Hank Martin was on Frank's right, sitting on his big palomino, Chico. The deep gold color of this horse contrasted with his silver mane and tail.

"We're treating this as a disappearance, for now," said Ranger Cunningham. He walked around through the group of waiting searchers, giving each one a sheet of information about the missing child.

"I want to be notified as soon as anything is found," he continued. "I want a word with my Junior Rangers club members, please."

The search line formed up as the three boys waited to talk to Ranger Cunningham. The ranger mounted his chestnut, Cochise, and signaled for the boys to draw closer to him and his horse.

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