Kade's Story in Indonesia: Work in a Sweatshop

Have you ever heard of Indonesia? That's where Kade lives. She works there in a shoe factory with many other people. She works very long hours. She only gets paid a little. Even though she works so much, she is very poor.

In the factory where Kade works, she makes sneakers for a company that's actually in the United States. Why are the sneakers made so far away? It costs less to make sneakers in Kade's country because the workers are paid so little. This is true in many third world countries. This way the company spends less money to make the sneakers and can make more money.

Kade may find her work long and hard, but she is glad she has a job. Sometimes the job is really tough. Sometimes the job is dangerous. The building isn't well maintained. It is hot and dirty. Her bosses aren't nice. They yell a lot. Most nights her bosses make her work very late, but they don't pay her for extra time. She gets very tired. Some of her friends have even fainted because they were so tired. Kade is scared to take a day off if she's sick. Kade can't complain, though, or she would lose her job.

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