King Abdullah II's Birthday

King Abdullah II's Birthday

Reading Comprehension for January 30

How old are you? You can probably answer that question without thinking. A person's age can tell a lot. At your age, it can tell what school grade you're in. As you get older, your age will mean other things. When you can drive a car, when you can vote, and when you can get married all come with age.

Your age is just a measurement. Each birthday, you add one year. For many people, birthdays are really important days. Is your birthday important to you? For some people, their birthday decides something very important: whether or not they will become a king!

Many countries have a king and a queen. Usually, a king is king until he dies. When he dies, the job of king is usually given to his oldest son. Jordan is a country that has a king and queen. Jordan is located in the Middle East, next to Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. It has a very long history. Like many countries in the Middle East, it has a history as old as humankind.

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