Kinkajous are little mammals. They are related to the raccoon. They live in tropical forests in Central and South America. They spend lots of time in trees. They run along tree branches. They jump from tree to tree. Kinkajous have prehensile tails. A prehensile tail can be used to hold and manipulate objects. A kinkajou can wrap its tail around a branch and hold on. The tail also helps a kinkajou to balance. A sleeping kinkajou curled up in the hollow of tree might use its tail as a blanket.

Kinkajous have woolly fur. The top of their fur is gold or brownish-gray. The fur is gray underneath. Kinkajous have short legs. They have sharp claws. Their ears are small. An average kinkajou is about twenty inches long. It weighs between five and six pounds.

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