Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park is in Alaska. It is very different from most national parks. It is in a remote area. There are no roads leading into the park. In fact, there are no roads or trails of any kind in the park. If you want to visit, you must fly into the park. In the summer, you can get around the park by watercraft on the rivers. In winter, you can use snowmobiles. The park is very isolated. Visitors will have a lot of peace and quiet here.

There are other unique features at Kobuk Valley National Park. One is the caribou. Two times each year, caribou cross the park. About half a million caribou make the trip. They are migrating from one part of Alaska to another. Onion Portage is a National Historic Landmark in the park. It marks the place where people have gathered for 9,000 years to hunt caribou when these animals migrate.

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