Laura Lane Welch Bush

Molly's teacher told the class that a special visitor was coming. The class wondered who it was. At 10:00, the class saw a lot of men in the hallway. They were wearing dark suits. The class knew the special visitor must be here. The classroom door opened. A lady walked in. She was wearing a red suit. She looked kind. Molly remembered seeing the lady before. She thought and thought. Then she remembered. It was Mrs. Bush. She had been the First Lady of the United States.

Mrs. Bush introduced herself to the class. She said that her husband had had an important job. He was the forty-third president of the United States. Mrs. Bush talked to Molly's class about reading. She told the class to be sure to read every day. Then she shared her special story.

Laura Lane Welch was born on November 4, 1946. She was born in Texas. Laura went to college in 1964. She wanted to be a teacher. Laura said she had a special second grade teacher. That teacher inspired Laura to become a teacher, too. Laura got her first teaching job in 1969.

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