Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Abraham Lincoln was our sixteenth president. Lincoln was elected for two terms as president. Many people think he was our best president. He was president during the Civil War. This was also called the War Between the States. It started in 1861. The southern states decided to break away from the northern states. They formed their own country. It was called the Confederate States of America. A terrible war was fought over this split. The Civil War ended in 1865.

Lincoln had many honors. He is the only president to hold a patent. He set aside the last Thursday in November as a special day. It is Thanksgiving. His face was put on the $5 bill and on the penny. He also had many hardships. He did not always go to school as a child. His family needed him to work on the farm. He ran for different political offices. He did not always win. Lincoln and his wife, Mary, had four sons. Three of them .....

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