Lisa Plans a Party

"Mom, can you help me?" Lisa asked. "Katie's birthday is in three weeks, and I want to throw a surprise party for her."

"That's really thoughtful of you to host a birthday party for your best friend," Lisa's mom told her. "I'll be glad to help you."

First, they thought of a theme for the party. "Katie really likes frogs," Lisa told her mom. "I saw some really cute frog decorations at the party store." Lisa's mom thought that sounded like a good idea.

Next, they wrote down the names of everyone Lisa wanted to invite. They counted them up to see how many invitations they would need. After making a list of all the things they needed, Lisa and her mom went to the party store. They bought a plastic tablecloth, paper plates, cups, and invitations. They all had frogs on them. They also bought some balloons.

When they got home, Lisa began to fill out the invitations. She wrote the date, time, and place of the party. She wrote a note at the bottom that said, "This is a surprise party for Katie; please keep it a secret." She also wrote, "Please RSVP to Lisa at 555-1234." This was a way of asking the people who were invited to please call to let Lisa know if they were coming. Having a guest count would help Lisa to plan how much food to make. Lisa addressed each invitation and mailed them right away.

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