Living Among Dinosaurs

Have you ever imagined what it would be like for you to see a huge and hungry dinosaur? I have. I have imagined being outside playing hide and seek with my friends on a Saturday afternoon. In my mind, I turned the corner of the house to hide behind a bush and that was when I was unpleasantly greeted by a living, breathing dinosaur. Yikes! I love using my imagination, but sometimes my own thoughts frighten me. I shook the thought out of my head. It was at that point that I was pretty certain that living with dinosaurs would be an extremely scary existence.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for more than 160 million years. Some dinosaurs were enormous. Others were as small as a chicken or a goose. Size would have concerned me if I had lived with dinosaurs. But I would have been more concerned with what a dinosaur ate. Surely, herbivores would have been less interested in me since they ate only plants with wide, flat teeth. Plant eaters did not hunt animals for food like meat eaters did. Plant eaters were less aggressive. Carnivorous dinosaurs would have made me scared stiff. Most meat-eating dinosaurs moved quickly. They had sharp, pointy, "I cannot wait to eat you" teeth. Becoming a dino dinner would have been my greatest fear! How could I have protected myself?

Dinosaurs were reptiles. They laid eggs. They had scaly skin. You can learn more about dinosaurs by reading books. You can also watch science programs about them on television. I learned a lot .....

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