The lynx is a medium-sized cat with a short tail. The lynx has tufts of black hair on the tips of its ears and a black tip on its tail. The lynx has thick fur that may be medium brown, golden, beige, or gray in color. Sometimes the lynx has dark brown spots on its body. The chest and belly of a lynx are white. The insides of the lynx's legs are also white. The lynx has longer hair that looks like a ruff around its neck.

Lynxes have big paws. The paws are padded. Lynxes that live in colder climates have larger paws and more padding than lynxes that live in warmer climates. The paws work like snowshoes to help the lynx walk in very deep snow. The back legs of the lynx are longer than its front legs. This makes the lynx look like it's tipping forward when it walks.

The lynx has very good eyesight. It also has very good hearing. The lynx is a solitary animal. It chooses to live and hunt alone most of the time. Lynxes are diurnal hunters. This means they hunt for food during the day. A lynx doesn't usually chase after its prey. Instead it is a stalk-and-ambush hunter. This means the lynx sneaks up on its prey and then pounces on it. Sometimes lynxes hide behind a tree or rock and wait for an animal to walk by.

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