Magical Changes

"Can I come with you, Dad? Please?" asked James as he walked with his father. "I can help carry your tools. Besides, I would love to see the inside of the big house. I've seen the outside several times but never inside."

"Well, James, I don't usually see much of the inside myself," said Dad. "I work in the sub-basement most of the time. I only occasionally see any of the living space."

"Just to say I got to go inside the grand house is enough, Dad," said James.

"You can come along with me, son, but I need you to be on your best behavior," said Dad.

James quickly helped Dad load the wagon and then climbed up onto the seat of the buckboard before Dad could change his mind.

Dad collected the reins and told the horses to step up. He directed the wagon onto the road toward the big house.

"Dad, did you get to see the grand lady when she came to the big house after her wedding?" asked James.

"I sure did. I helped greet her and the master last week when they came home from their honeymoon. I waited for over an hour with several of the other estate workers. We all had tools in our hands that represented our jobs. Several women and some of the children had flowers to throw in the path of the carriage."

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