Make a Difference Express

Jon Thomas (JT) Robertson loved trains. When he was little, his grandpa got him a train set. He played with it for hours. JT never lost his love for trains. He and his family visited a historic railroad in New York. It is called the Arcade and Attica Railroad. It was built in the 1880s. They rode on an old steam train through the countryside.

JT was so excited about his ride. He went to school the next day. He told his class that he was going to take them on the train ride. JT realized that many kids in his class may not be able to pay for a ride on the train. JT thought he could help.

JT collected bottles and cans. He recycled them. He got money for the cans and bottles. JT saved this money for over a year. He took his whole class on the train. Everyone had so much fun that JT did this every year.

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