Making Memories with Pastry

Pastry Day

Reading Comprehension for December 9

"Yum! That is SO good!" Cindy said to Anna. "What a great pastry!"

"Thanks," Anna said. She smiled with satisfaction. Anna had been working for many months on developing her own special pastry. She wanted to be a pastry chef when she grew up.

"How did you make this?" Cindy asked.

Anna grinned. "It's a secret."

Cindy chuckled. "So, it's going to be called Anna's Secret Recipe, then?"

"You are right. I've worked on it too long to give it away."

"Suit yourself," Cindy replied. "Just keep giving me samples!"

Anna smiled widely. She felt great. It was very rewarding to develop a new idea and perfect it. It had taken a long time. She remembered what it was like when she had first started.

"Mom, I think I've decided something," Anna said as she sat on a stool by the breakfast bar watching her mother fry eggs.

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