Michelle Obama

On January 17, 1964, Michelle Obama was born. Her parents were Fraser and Marian Robinson. They lived in Chicago. Her dad was a pump operator. Her mom stayed at home with Michelle and her brother. Her parents worked hard to take care of her. They were not rich. In fact, her bedroom was part of the living room.

Michelle went to public school. She did very well there. She was even in the gifted program. For college, Michelle went to Princeton. She studied sociology. She earned honors. Then she studied law at Harvard. She became a lawyer in Chicago. She met her future husband, Barack Obama, at the law office where they both worked.

Michelle's dad died in 1991. This made her think. She changed jobs. She also married Barack Obama in 1992. She worked helping the mayor. She then planned for the city. Later she began a program training people for jobs. In 1996, she worked at the University of Chicago. In the meantime, Michelle and her husband had two daughters, Malia and Sasha. By 2005, Michelle was working for the University of Chicago Medical Center. One of the things she did very well there was getting people to volunteer.

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