Mix for the Trail

"Ready for the hike?" Brian said to Daniel.

"Almost. I just need to pack some trail mix," Daniel answered.

Brian and Daniel were going on a long hike on Saturday with their Boy Scout troop. Since they would be gone most of the day, Daniel knew he needed some healthy snacks with protein. Brian had come over today to talk about the hike and make sure he had everything he would need. This was the first time Brian would be going on such a long hike.

"I bought some bags of trail mix at the store the other day," Brian said. "Do you want some?"

"No, thanks," Daniel answered. "I actually like to mix my own."

"How do you do that?"

Daniel looked at his friend with a smirk. "I throw the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up," he said.

Brian rolled his eyes. "I figured that. I meant to ask what ingredients you put into the mix."

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