Mosquitoes: You Can Run From Them, But You Cannot Hide

You can run, but you can't hide. She will find you. She will smell you. She will sense you. And eventually, she will bite you. Watch out; a pesky mosquito is going to find you whether you want her to or not!

Mosquitoes are insects. Both male and female mosquitoes drink nectar. But only the females drink blood. They need it for their eggs. Mosquito eggs would not develop without a blood meal.

So how do these insects find a blood host? They use their senses. If you are breathing or sweating, a mosquito can sense you. When you exhale, carbon dioxide leaves your body. A mosquito can sense the carbon dioxide in your breath or your body odor from at least 100 feet away. Experts have found that people who sweat a lot get bitten a lot more than people who don't sweat very much.

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