Mr. "Spruce Goose"

Mr. "Spruce Goose"

Reading Comprehension for December 24

What is an aviator? An aviator is a pilot of an aircraft. On December 24, 1905, a famous pilot was born. Howard Hughes was born in Houston, Texas. He loved his parents. His mother tried to keep him safe from getting sick. She was worried about germs. His father liked machines. He owned Hughes Tool Company.

Howard grew up with the same fear of sickness. He grew up liking machines. He had a bike with a motor. Howard built it himself. He was the first boy in Houston to have one. Howard went to college. He kept changing schools. He ended up at Rice University. After his parents died, he left school.

Howard's parents left him a lot of money. They left him the business. He ran the tool business. He became interested in making movies. When he was in his 20's, he made his first movie. It won an award. He made another movie. It cost a lot to make. It was about flying airplanes. The movie was not popular.

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