Music! Don't You Just Love It?

Music Lovers Day

Reading Comprehension for October 3

There is a common language familiar to all people. It is full of variety and inspires many different feelings. The common language is music. Can you think of anyone who does not like some type of music? Most people have a favorite style. Fortunately, there is a style to fit every taste. What are some styles of music? Let's take a look at a few.

Rock and roll: This style of music is usually characterized by a strong beat and loud volume. Electric instruments such as synthesizers (a type of keyboard), electric and bass guitars, and drums are used to create the music. The rhythm is often fast. Singers sometimes sing lyrics (words) clearly, and other times they scream!

Rap: Rap music is made up of spoken words set to a beat. Rap songs often tell a story and at times deal with edgy topics.

Opera: Opera is another form of music that tells a story. Singers of opera are usually very well trained in "serious" music. They can sing a wide range of notes, hold notes for a long time, and sometimes sing in other languages. Operas are most often performed on stage and can be similar to a musical play.

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