National Dog Week

National Dog Week

Reading Comprehension for September 25

Do you have a dog or know someone who does? Dogs are one of the most popular pets, but to some people, they are more than that. They are hands, ears, and eyes to some people. They offer freedom, companionship, and safety. Is it any wonder that we have one week out of the year to honor those who give us so much?

In 1928, Captain Will Judy, editor and publisher of Dog World magazine, started National Dog Week to honor canines. He wanted people to see there was more to having a dog than leaving it tied in the backyard. He wanted people to see and understand there was much more they could do with their pets. He had people give demonstrations of obedience in the middle of Manhattan at lunch time. People watched and were amazed.

How much do you know about dogs and how they have helped people over the years? Did you know that since recorded time dogs have been companions to people? They have helped man hunt for food and guarded his family and home.

Rottweilers have been in Germany since before the days of the Roman Empire. They are named for the red roofs of the villages where they worked as the "butcher's dog." Great Danes, also known as the German mastiff, were used to hunt the dangerous wild boar of European forests. They needed to weigh as much as a man to be able to bring down their quarry.

Then there are dogs that helped herd and watch over the family's sheep. Dogs like the collie, German shepherd, Puli, or Australian shepherd helped make sure the wolves or dingoes did not get the flocks that were depended on for food and wool.

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