Newspaper Character

Newspaper Carriers Day

Reading Comprehension for September 4

I just bought my first car! It was a great feeling knowing that I had worked to pay for it all by myself. Well, that's not exactly true. Mom and Dad helped. It all began when I was thirteen.

There was an opening in my neighborhood for a newspaper carrier. I knew it was going to be hard work. However, it would be my first job - the first time I could earn money outside of doing chores around the house. Being thirteen gave me the privilege of applying for a job as a newspaper carrier. There were two openings in my neighborhood.

When I first discussed the idea with my parents, they were pleased but cautious. "A newspaper route is a big responsibility, son," my dad said. "You have to get up very early each morning and deliver the papers before going to school. One of us will have to drive you. I think it's great you are willing to work. Let's just make sure we have everything figured out before you commit to it."

So we began to look at all the pros and cons of the situation. The good side of it was I could earn a good bit of money, even with a small route. There were two routes. One had newspapers to deliver every day. The other was just one day a week. The routes were in my neighborhood. The papers were dropped off at the coffee shop at the end of the street, and we would not have to travel far. The negative side was having to get up early every day. Also, my mom or dad would have to accompany me and that would affect their mornings.

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