Now We're Cruisin'

Take a Cruise Day

Reading Comprehension for February 3

What a great surprise! I had no idea what I was getting for my birthday, and Mom and Dad really shocked me!

Last night, we were celebrating my twelfth birthday. My best friend Hannah came over for dinner and to stay overnight. We were playing in my room when Mom called us down for dinner.

When we got downstairs, Mom had a table full of all my favorite foods. She said it was a "birthday buffet." We piled our dishes with macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pizza, and chips, as well as grapes and apples, my favorite fruit.

After eating, my dad said, "Wasn't that delicious?"

Hannah and I agreed.

He continued. "Do you know where else you can enjoy a big selection of food like that?"

"Robert's Buffet House?" Hannah said, referring to a local restaurant.

"That's true," Dad said, "but I'm thinking of something else." Mom smiled in the background.

We couldn't think of anything, so Dad finally said, "You know they eat very well on cruises."

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