Oh Man, It's Empty!

I could see the package on the table. Its exquisite wrapping paper was teasing me. It begged me to open it. I resisted as long as I could, but it was no use. I had to know what was inside! I tore at the shiny paper with both hands. I held my breath and peered into the box. What would I find? Nothing! The box was empty! What a bummer!

The empty box on my table is a lot like a snack full of empty calories. A candy bar, cupcake, or can of soda can look very enticing. Clever commercials encourage you to crave them. Colorful wrappers tempt you to tear into them. These foods are full of calories, but they are empty calories. They contain added sugars or solid fats and very few nutrients that can actually help your body grow healthy and strong. They may look good on the outside. They may even taste good, but these "empty" foods are not good for you.

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