Olympic Express

Summer - it's a great time for learning. Learning about something you are really interested in, that is. Sure, you might be interested in math or history, too. But, how about BMX racing, javelin throwing, or horseback riding for a change!

This summer, 2008, is the perfect time for learning all about your favorite sports. You can see them all on TV beginning in August at the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China.

You can learn more about them before the Olympics start, too, through Olympic Express. Olympic Express is a free e-journal for young people. It is published online by the website of the Olympic Movement. This is not the same website as the official Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics website. To see Olympic Express, go to the website for olympic.org. Click on "education." Scroll down to "What is Olympic Express?" and follow the link to the magazine itself.

The magazine is published twice weekly (Wednesdays and Saturdays) until the Olympics begin. Each issue features a different summer Olympic sport. Once the Olympics start, it will be published daily with news of the day's events and feature stories about star athletes. After the Olympics end, there will be a special issue about the Paralympics and one about the upcoming Youth Olympic Games of 2010.

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