One Big Bird

I'm thinking of an animal. It can be black and white, but it's not a zebra. It has a really long neck, but it's not a giraffe. It has lots of feathers, but it is not a penguin. Can you guess my animal? I'm thinking of an ostrich!

Ostriches are the biggest birds in the entire world. Adult males are about eight feet tall. They have really long and skinny necks. Their necks are three feet long! Not only are these birds tall, they are also very heavy. Males can weigh nearly 300 pounds! Females, or hens, are usually smaller.

These big birds also have very long legs. Each leg has only two toes. One toe is used for walking and running. The other one is used for protection. This toe has a very strong and sharp toenail. It is strong enough and sharp enough to slice through a lion's belly!

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