One Hump or Two?

Does a camel have one hump or two? If you guessed one, you are right. If you said two, you are also right! There are two main species of camels. One breed has only one hump. The other breed has two humps.

Dromedary, or Arabian, camels have only one hump. They are the most common type of camel. In fact, almost 90% of camels in the entire world are dromedaries. These tall camels live in the hot desert. But believe it or not, they rarely sweat! This helps them conserve as much water as possible.

Bactrian camels have two humps. They live in the rocky deserts of central and eastern Asia. Like Arabian camels, bactrians store excess fat in their humps. When they can't eat or drink for a long time, this fat really comes in handy. It can be turned into water and food. This gives the camels energy. When the camels use their stored fat, something happens to their humps. They become floppy and soft.

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