Oseola McCarty: The Wisdom of a Washerwoman

Do you ever find it hard to save money? Oseola McCarty is someone who could teach most of us a thing or two about saving money.

Oseola McCarty was born in Wayne County, Mississippi, on March 7, 1908. She was raised by her mother. She moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, when she was very young. Her mother had to work very hard to support her daughter. Many times young Oseola was left alone while her mother worked. She was scared to be alone, but she knew she had no choice.

Oseola went to Eureka Elementary School during the day. When she came home, she earned money doing laundry. She washed and ironed other people's clothes. Her habit of saving money started early. She saved the money she earned until she got enough to open a savings account. Oseola walked to the First Mississippi National Bank to put her money in the bank.

The year Oseola was in the sixth grade, her childless aunt became ill. She had to go to the hospital. When she got out of the hospital, her aunt needed help. Oseola was sent to take care of her aunt. She never went back to school. She kept on washing and ironing clothes while her classmates went on to finish school. Oseola kept on putting her earnings into her savings account. Over the years, her savings account grew and grew.

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