Otis the Rhyming Giant

Otis was a giant. He was taller than a house. He was shorter than a tree. He lived on the side of a mountain. From there he could see a long way.

Otis liked to walk through the woods. On the other side was a wide meadow. Otis liked to lie on the soft, grassy ground.

One day Otis was lying on the grass. He was looking up at the clouds. One cloud looked like a bird. Another one looked like a tree. Some did not look like anything at all.

Then he heard a sound. It sounded like a song. It was a poem. Otis did not like poems!

"Stop talking!" grumbled Otis. "Poems are boring. Poems are silly!"

"Who is it that speaks to me?" asked a small voice.

Otis saw a very small person fly up in the air. She looked in Otis' face.

"My name is Pansy," said the fairy. "You are a foolish giant."

Otis tried to brush her away with his hand.

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