Pet Care in a Disaster

When there is a disaster like a hurricane, many people must leave their homes. Some drive to hotels or to friends' houses that are away from the area that is in danger. Other people don't have any other place to go and go to a shelter. But many people will not leave their homes if they have to leave their pets behind.

For some people, a pet is an important part of the family. A pet is not something that can be left behind because of a disaster. That is why it is important to have plans in place so you can make sure that your pet is safe.

Everyone in your house should know what to grab if it is necessary to leave. A pet can't do this, so you need to make a kit for it. Make sure your kit is easy to find and get into the car. You won't have time to do this later, so get it ready ahead of time. The kit should have food and water for at least five days. Also make sure the pet has enough medicine for five days. Put the medicines and any medical records you have in a waterproof container. Have cat litter and garbage bags to collect animal waste. Have a sturdy leash with you. After you leave home, the animal should never go anywhere without a leash. It could easily become lost. Also, if there is room, bring the animal's bed or toys. Make sure your animal has new tags on its collar, and bring pictures of the animal with you.

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