Picky Michael

National School Breakfast Week

Reading Comprehension for March 9

Michael has breakfast at school. Today he had oatmeal, baked apples, ham, toast, and milk. He hated his breakfast!

Michael wanted scrambled eggs every day. He did not want oatmeal.

Michael wanted bacon every day. He did not want ham.

Michael wanted biscuits every day. He did not want toast.

Michael wanted orange juice every day. He did not want baked apples.

Michael is a very picky eater.

Michael told his teacher. "Breakfast was yucky," he said. "I did not eat my breakfast."

"I am sorry you did not like it," his teacher said. "Now you will be hungry. It will be hard for you to do your work."

"I do not care," Michael said. "I will not eat that stuff!"

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