Pie Day Sale

Pie Day

Reading Comprehension for December 1

Mike rushed into the house. His forehead was wrinkled up with worry. He ran to the kitchen to look for his aunt. What was he going to do if he had nothing for the sale?

"Aunt June," he called. Then he remembered he needed to use his hands to talk. Aunt June waved hello with a smile. He spoke while his fingers formed words. "I just remembered that the pie sale is tomorrow. We haven't made any pies yet!" Mike looked at what Aunt June was doing and stopped. "Oh, you remembered." He felt silly.

Aunt June smiled at him. Her fingers formed words, "I have things under control here. You go put your things away. Do not forget to wash up. Then you can help me make these pies."

Mike hurried to wash up. He was soon back in the kitchen, ready to help. He saw the huge bowl of apples that were already peeled and cut up.

"You are just in time," signed Aunt June. "I am ready to fill the pie shells with the apples. You can start putting in the apples."

When that was done, Aunt June showed him how to measure the cinnamon into the bowl with the brown sugar and some flour.

"That is good, Mike," she signed with her hands, "now stir it all up."

Aunt June showed him how to cover the apples with the mixture. Then she rolled out more pastry dough to cover the top of each pie. Mike helped her pinch around the edges to make it look nice.

"Do we put them in the oven now?" he asked.

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