Pierce Waits in the Pumpkin Patch

"Is it time yet?" Pierce impatiently asked his mother. "It seems like it should be time now."

"Almost, Pierce. Just be patient. The time will come," Pierce's mother said.

"But, Mother," Pierce protested, "I have just about all of my orange color now. There is only a little green left. I have gotten very big. The nights are getting very cool now. You said it would be time when it becomes fall and the leaves start to turn color."

"Yes, dear, and the leaves have started to turn color," said his mother. "It will not be very long."

And it wasn't long, either. In just a few days, the pumpkin patch began to fill up with a lot of people. They brought their children, and the young ones ran up and down all the rows, laughing and screaming. There were mothers and fathers and boys and girls. They would look at all the pumpkins, trying to find just the perfect one to make their jack-o'-lantern with.

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