What is the dirtiest animal you can think of? Is it a dog? Is it an elephant? There's one animal that's famous for being dirty. This animal, of course, is the pig.

Many pigs like to be dirty. Dirty pigs are so common that there are sayings about them. Have you ever been told you look like a pig? It's not a nice thing to say about a person, is it? That's because many people think of pigs as fat, ugly, and dirty.

There are lots of different kinds of pigs. Not all are fat, ugly, and dirty. Many pigs are very cuddly and cute. There are very small pigs. Most pet pigs are small. Other pigs can grow to weigh hundreds of pounds. Pigs this size are usually raised for food. Pigs are also different colors. Some are black. Some are pink. Some are white. Some have spots.

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